Cuban refuges stranded between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Nov 16, 2015 Nicaragua has turned back hundreds of Cuban migrants which it accuses of “storming” its border crossing from neighbouring Costa Rica on Sunday.

Costa Rica had issued seven-day transit visas. This group exited Costa Rica, entered Nicaragua legally, and was chased back by the Nicaragua military. They were trapped between countries, stranded between the Borders of Costa Rica and Nicaragua

We lived in Playas Del Coco, about 90 minutes from Nicaragua. Friends told us of the hungry Cuban refuges who were stranded at the border. We bought food and supplies, and solicited donations of bedding.

We found about 200 hungry refugees at the border, in “no man’s land”. We fed them all, and distributed the supplies we had purchased, as well as the donated bedding.

We felt pretty good about ourselves for all of two minutes. One of the refugees, a doctor, agreed to show us where they had been sleeping. The luckiest – all families, or at least a parent with children – slept under a roof, on cardboard over concrete. Many others had no cover, no protection from the elements.

We weren’t the first to go help. Others had been there before we heard of the refugees’ plight.

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