Coronavirus(Covid-19) protective masks

Masks Distribution List

Our group has a fundraiser planned to benefit MSF(Doctors Without Borders) and SAP-Vn on 11/15/2020.  If life here normalizes in time, we’ll hold an international variety show at Eisenhower Regional Rec Center on that date.
We’ve found another way to help.
Medical professionals are dealing with a shortage of Covid-19 masks.  Many of them have chosen to extend the usability of those masks with mask covers.  They wear those covers over the Covid-19 masks as a first line of defense.  Both masks and covers are disinfected and reused.
The mask covers are also in short supply, so we’re making them at home.  Others are making them as well, but there is still a shortage. We’re using a design and pattern recommended by the CDC.  Thus far our cost is about $1/mask.
We’d like to encourage other Villages groups to help.  Together, we can make it a little easier(and safer) for medical professionals to help us.
We have to spend our days doing something.  It feels great to help, so why not pitch in?

Thank you for your consideration.
Jon Thompson President One World, One Dream: Peace

Our heartfelt thanks to Barbara C., who generously donated fabric and thread to help defray our costs.

Masks Distribution List

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