Result of the Fundraiser to help Victims of Earthquake at Turkey & Syria

To our wonderful volunteers,

Thank you so much!  The March 15th Fundraiser to benefit Turkey-Syria earthquake victims through Doctors Without Borders (MSF) was a big success, thanks to your help. 

The audience loved the show and appreciated all our hard work.


Once again, we had fun and contributed to a good cause.   We raised  $5964.00 to send to MSF, and we’ll try to collect a bit more.

Congratulations! Job well done. Thank you to all Entertainers:
Asian Cultural Performers, Sugar & Spice, Off Broadway, Viva Flamenco, Mystic Jewels. Jerry White, Korean American Club, Pacific Paradise Dancers

Thanks again for your help.   You guys are AWESOME.

 See you next time!

 One World One Dream: Peace

The video is available in youtube, more will come.

So far we have Sugar & Spice with Stayin Alive

And Viva Flamenco with Zapateado

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