Result of Colony show helping Ukraine Refugees

Finale at Colony Recreation center

What a successful nigh at Colony Rec Cen. The 2nd show Fundraising for Ukraine Refugees through Doctors without Borders. Thank you to all the Entertainers, Technical people helping the show. We raise $7914.00 last night.

So total for our project of helping Ukraine Refugees, 2 shows at La Hacienda on 16th and Colony on 23rd, we raise $17106.00. Astounding result, thank you every one.

To The Villagers,

Technical Team:

Joanna Brand – Stage Manager

Debbie Ocampo – Stage Assistant

Mike Gross – Lights and Sound

Donna Gross – Lights and Sound

Mike Scuito – Spot Light Operator

Lynn Fulk – A/V Assistant

All Entertainment groups:

Sugar & Spice

Viva Flamenco

Toni Booker

Saigon Forever Young

Off Broadway Dancers

R.J. Dauhn, Instrumentalist Extraordinaire

Mystic Jewels group

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